Local Project Updates

  • UCSC Future State Business Design (FSPD) Team completed 3 weeks of in depth review of all released UCPath process maps and FSPD documents.
  • UCSC Project Team Subject Matter Experts are meeting with the UC Project Management Office and other representatives from UC to identify issues and make decisions regarding the UCPath Future State Business Design (FSPD) process.

Work Packages

Learn more about the projects functional work packages:

  • Local Project Management
  • Data Conversion & Validation
  • Functional System Design
  • Campus Alignment/ Business Process Design
  • Time & Attendance Systems

Work Packages

Learn more about the project's technical work packages:

  • Integration & Development
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • System Testing
  • Training/ Change Management

For questions about the project, please contact the Local Project Management Office at ucpath.ucscpmo-group@ucsc.edu