Functional News

  • The Business Process Team has made significant progress and held design sessions for over 20 local business processes.  These processes have been reviewed and approved by the UCSC Steering Committee.
  • Academic, Payroll, Benefits, Staff HR, Career Center, and many other offices collaborated during design sessions to discuss future state responsibilities and roles within central functional offices.

Systemwide  UCPath News

  • UCOP was originally scheduled to transition to UCPath in December 2014; however, testing showed that more work is needed to ensure that UCPath can provide the most accurate payroll possible.  The UCPath Central team is working with internal UC experts, advisors, and leaders to outline a new timeline.
  • The UCPath PMO and UCOP teams continue work on data conversion for system integration and planning for the testing efforts.
  • Change management and training development activities have begun focusing on the UCOP and UCPath Center go live.

Technical News

  • The project team is reaching out to campus business offices to identify unanticipated impacts that the change from PPS to UCPath may have on operations. Virtually all major impacts have been identified, however, there may be small scale impacts that the team needs to be aware of to minimize any negative impact.
  • Technical Integration Process Documents have been drafted to provide process flow maps for computer systems that will be interfacing with UCPath.

Work Packages

Learn more about the UCPath Work Packages.  

Functional work packages:

  • Local Project Management
  • Data Conversion & Validation
  • UCPath (PSFT) System Design
  • Campus Alignment/ Business Process Design
  • Change Management / Training/ Communications

Technical work packages:

  • Technical Infrastructure, Support and Data Management
  • Integrations and Development 
  • General Ledger / Financial Systems
  • Testing
  • Time & Attendance

Project Team Site Logins

Project Team Site Logins:

For questions about the project, please contact the Local Project Management Office at