Functional News

  • UCSC kicked off local business process and campus alignment work on July 28th.  Members of this team are currently working to compile a master inventory of all campus processes that are touched by the UCPath System or UCPath Center. 

  • 57 data conversion documents were provided by Central Team for campus review. Converted data will be received by August or September. 

Systemwide  UCPath News

  • The Executive Leadership Team agreed upon deployment dates for all pilot locations:

    • Pilot 1: UCOP – December 2014

    • Pilot 2: UCSC – October 2015

    • Pilot 3: UCLA/UCM/ASUCLA – February 2016

  • Additional campus go-live dates are being reviewed by UCPath governance based on a systemwide integrated project plan.
  • A four month exercise to complete all Future State Process Design (FSPD) documents wrapped up on June 5th with 99 FSPD documents approved by the UCPath Systemwide Steering Committee.

Technical News

  • Local Data Integration development work remains on track with over 15 interfaces in development or design.
  • The UCSC design team completed a three-week functional solution design summit which began June 9th.  During the summit, over 78 UCPath Functional Design documents were reviewed. Local teams continue to track open issues around design and work with their teams to begin development work. 

Work Packages

Learn more about the UCPath Work Packages.  

Functional work packages:

  • Local Project Management
  • Data Conversion & Validation
  • UCPath (PSFT) System Design
  • Campus Alignment/ Business Process Design
  • Change Management / Training/ Communications

Technical work packages:

  • Technical Infrastructure, Support and Data Management
  • Integrations and Development 
  • General Ledger / Financial Systems
  • Testing
  • Time & Attendance

Useful UCPath Links

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Project Team Site Logins

Project Team Site Logins:

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