Local UCPath Update

The local campus team has been focused on testing activities which will start in May. This includes converting data from PPS to UCPath, writing test cases, and developing and delivering training for the testers.

Outreach to all campus divisions began in February. Deep dive knowledge sessions will being in May. These sessions are focused on individuals who will have a transactional role in UCPath.

Further outreach to managers and employees will begin later this year in September.


What's New with UCPath

With UCPath, our current payroll system will be replaced. UCPath will bring new technology and standardized business processes that will enhance the way that UC delivers payroll, benefits, and human resources.

To find out more, visit What's New with UCPath

NEW: There is now a glossary for UCPath, to see it click the fireworks or the link below.


UCPath Glossary

Local Technical News

Technical project teams continue to make progress with interface and technical infrastructure development.  A survey of campus technical systems and identified PPS to UCPath data change impacts has been completed.  Data impacts have been captured and the project team will follow up with units as local and systemwide work progresses. Units are requested to contact the project team if new requirements involving PPS data arise.


Program Team Site Logins

Program Team Site Logins:

For questions about the project, please contact the Local Program Management Office at ucpath.ucscpmo-group@ucsc.edu 

Useful UCPath Links

Click on the links below for updated UCPath Systemwide Documents:

Systemwide UCPath News

In March 2019, UCPath was deployed at UC Berkeley. With the previous deployments of UC Los Angeles, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC Merced, ASUCLA, and the Office of the President, approximately 50% of all systemwide UC employees are being paid from UCPath with HR and Payroll transactional and operational services being provided by the UCPath Center.

To view the full deployment schedule, visit UCPath Deployment Schedule