Project Timeline

Project Timeline

UCSC, along with the entire UC System and UCPath Central Team has made significant progress standardizing business processes across the UC system and preparing our new shared services center and HR/payroll system to support each UC location, beginning with UCOP.

While UCOP was originally scheduled to transition to UCPath in December 2014, testing showed that more work is needed to ensure that UCPath can provide the most accurate payroll possible.

To determine a new date, the UCPath Central Team is working with internal UC experts, advisors, and leaders to outline a new timeline based on the remaining activities and the length of time they require. As soon as a new date is approved, we will notify our local stakeholders and teams and will update this web site. 

The UCSC Project Management Office is working with the UCPath Central Team to ensure the following:

  • Deliverables are completed on time
  • New project work that is identified as part of the implementation is managed
  • The UCOP Location pilot and their post-implementation follow-up is stable prior to UCSC deployment

Local UCPath project teams continue to work towards meeting deliverables and building local infrastucture to support the UCPath System.