What is Not Changing

    Personal Information

    • Employee personal information which is currently maintained in At Your Service (AYSO) will carry over into UCPath.
    • Direct deposit instructions for paychecks and benefits selections will also carry over.
    • Employees do not need to re-enter this information. 
    • IMPORTANT -- All employees should make sure personal information in AYSO is up to date.
      • If you are not currently receiving your paycheck using direct deposit, employees can sign up after January 2, 2020, via the UCPath Portal.

  • CruzPay Timesheets

    • CruzPay will continue as the time-keeping system for our campus.
    • Employees who submit timesheets using CruzPay will continue to do so.

  • Student and Academic Recruitment Systems

    • Student and Academic recruitments will continue to be processed in the current systems.

  • Retirement Information

  • ayso-with-ucrays.jpg
    • AYSO will still be used to manage beneficiaries and estimate retirement earnings.
    • Retirees will use AYSO to review retiree pay statements and 1099R statements.

  • New Hires and On-boarding

    • New hire on-boarding is still carried out at UCSC.
    • New employees will continue to be contacted by their department or Academic HR or Staff HR, as appropriate, for any documentation needed as part of their on-boarding process.