About UCPath

UCPath is improving the way the University of California manages Human Resources, Payroll, and other related transactional and business processes. Existing processes and technologies are not able to meet the needs of UC's complex and diverse employee population and changing business needs.  UCPath is one of many important programs that will help us work smarter and more efficiently.

  • UCPath will unify every UC location with a single Payroll, Benefits, Human Resource (HR) and Academic Personnel system for all employees
  • The existing systems are more than 35 years old and are at risk of breaking down in the future. UCPath will strengthen our foundation with stable, modern technology and support expanded capabilities as the University grows
  • UCPath will create opportunities for enhanced team performance and increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency
  • UCPath will standardize more than 100 processes through a common platform and shared services center that will serve all UC employees
  • UCPath will provide nearly 220,000 employees with modern access to Payroll, Benefits and HR information through the UCPath portal and shared services center

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