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Access and Portal

Pay and Contacts


    Access to UCPath

  • How do I gain access to UCPath?

    As an employee or as a manager, you will receive access to UCPath on January 2, 2020. We will publish the link to the UCPath website before our deployment and communicate it via various methods throughout campus and on this website. You will need to use your CruzID and gold password to log on. You will need to have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) / Duo set up. If you have not already set up MFA please visit CruzID Manager. There will be a series of security questions you must answer when you access UCPath for the first time. In order to proceed, you will need to verify your date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number.

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  • UCPath portal

  • What is the UCPath portal?

    Once UCPath @ UCSC is live in January 2020, the online portal will give employees and managers 24/7 self-service access to payroll, benefits and HR information. You will be able to:

    • Update your personal information quickly and easily
    • View your paychecks, leave balances and benefit selections
    • View tutorials and step-by-step instructions for most UCPath features
    • Open and track service requests with the Ask UCPath Center help request feature
    • Request employment verification

    View the video for the UCPath Portal for Employees (3:59):

    View the video for the UCPath Portal for Managers (2:48):

    When UCPath goes live, the statement verifying employment will be requested in and generated by UCPath. The UCPath self-service portal will contain instructions. 


    After January 2020, employees will use the UCPath portal instead of AYSO for a variety of functions. Even though UCPath is replacing the use of AYSO, AYSO will continue to be accessible and viewable. 


    In UCPath, employees will be ability to: 

    • View and print earnings statements (pay stubs)
    • Update personal information such as home address
    • View and manage benefits, plus sick and vacation balances
    • View and update tax forms
    • Sign up for, view and change Direct Deposit options
    • Make life event changes (marriage, birth of a child, etc.)
    • Request a statement verifying employment. The UCPath self-service portal will contain instructions.

    AYSO will continue to allow employees to:

    • View past earnings/W2s*
    • View Pension Distribution Info (Retirees)
    • View & Update Beneficiaries
    • View Past Benefits Data

    * Previous pay stubs will remain per the retention schedule. Pay Stubs are currently viewable for the last 18 months. W2 are viewable for the last 7 years.

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  • First log on

  • What will I see when I first log onto UCPath?

    You will see a series of security questions. You will need to verify birthdate and the last four digits of your social security number. The next questions involve choosing a question from a list and typing an answer to verify your identify. Open this document if you would like to see an example.

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  • UCPath Center?

  • What is the UCPath Center?

    The UCPath Center is located in Riverside and provides systemwide payroll processing, benefits administration and HR transactional processing for all University of California (UC) employees. There is also an expanded online self-service portal for employees and managers that is available 24/7 and that provides employment information. 

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  • Direct Deposit

  • How Do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

    To set up direct deposit today (for current payroll system PPS) through November 15, 2019.
    Visit the Payroll Direct Deposit site to set up direct deposit before November 15, 2019.

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  • Multiple Bank Accounts

  • May I split my direct deposit between multiple bank accounts?

    Yes, UCPath allows up to three bank accounts for direct deposit. They may be split by percentage or a fixed dollar amount.

  • Campus directory

  • Sammy Slug on Campus Directory

    How do I update my campus directory information?

    The UCPath Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal allows for the update of legal name changes to match your name with the social security administration, mailing address, gender, emergency contacts, business phone and email, etc. The contact information updated on ESS impact pay and benefits. The first time you log on, there will be a series of security questions you must answer when you access UCPath for the first time. In order to proceed, you will need to verify your date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number.

    The UCPath Employee Self-Service portal will not update the preferred name or contact information displayed on the Campus Directory when you update contact information.

    For information on how to update you the Campus Directory Information, visit General instructions for updating your Campus Directory information.

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  • Composite Benefit Rate

  • What is a Composite Benefit Rate (CBR) Assessment?

    The UCPath system requires all campuses to distribute employer-paid benefits and other employment-related assessments using a benefits assessment method known as the composite rate method. UCSC will implement composite rates beginning in December, 2019/January, 2020 during UCPath adoption. In UCPath there are four benefits assessments, each with its own composite rate. Employee-paid benefits contribution amounts will not be affected.

    For more information, please click visit the Office of Planning and Budget website.

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  • CruzID & password

  • What if I forgot my CruzID or password?

    Please visit the CruzID manager website and follow the links for forgotten password or first-time registration.

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  • Employee IDs

  • Will Employee IDs be changing?

    The 9-digit employee ID number is being replaced with a new 8-digit employee ID number. There is no need for a new employee badge. The new 8-digit employee ID will be needed for certain copier services functions. To find your new 8-digit employee ID do one of the following:

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  • Deductions

  • Will my deductions (parking, wellness center, etc.) transfer to UCPath?

    Yes, your deductions will transfer from the current payroll system to UCPath.

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  • W-2 forms

  • How can I get my 2019 W-2?

    If you signed up for an online W-2, you’ll be able to view or print it from AYSO for 2019 earnings. Future W-2s (for 2020 earnings and beyond) will be available in UCPath on the UCPath Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal.

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  • Pay cycle

  • Will my pay cycle change between biweekly or monthly?

    If you are currently on a monthly pay cycle, you will remain on that pay cycle. If you currently are on a biweekly pay cycle, you will remain on that pay cycle.

  • Incoming Transfers

  • Will UCPath make it easier to hire people from other UC campuses?

    Yes, it will be easier to hire employees from other UC campuses that use UCPath. Employment history in UCPath moves over and the employee keeps the same employee ID number.

  • Questions

  • Whom should I contact with questions about UCPath?

    For questions about the UCPath at UCSC please contact us at

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