Pay with UCPath

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    Earnings and pay statement in UCPath will show

    • Employee gross pay, net pay, deductions, and withholdings, etc.

      • After January 2, 2020 earnings statements will be available two days before payday.
      • UCPath uses industry-standard automated calculations for paycheck deductions and witholdings which will be consistent across all UC locations
      • This change may result in before and after-tax deductions displayed in a new order or named differently
    • Employee vacation and sick leave balances

      • Employees using CruzPay will still be able to view vacation, sick and compensatory time balances.
    • New employee ID number

      • Your new employee ID number will appear in the upper left corner of the UCPath Portal when you log into UCPath and on your UCPath paycheck.
      • If you use CruzPay, your new employee ID number will also be available on your timesheet.