Local UCPath Update

Local project teams continue to make progress with interface and technical infrastructure development.

With local business process designs completed and approved, campus central functional offices are currently undertaking a review of internal business processes to align with the UCPath Center future state business processes.

The core project team will be developing test cases based on the interfaces and future state business processes.

The functional team will be assessing and planning for local change management, communication and training activities that will kick off later this year.

Systemwide  UCPath News

On January 2, 2018, UCPath was successfully deployed for over 15,000 employees at UC Riverside, UC Merced and ASUCLA, in addition to Office of the President which deployed in November 2015.  Collectively, approximately 10% of all systemwide UC employees are being paid from UCPath with HR and Payroll transactional and operational services being provided by the UCPath Center.

The remaining locations are scheduled to deploy in the following order with these target dates:

UCLA & UCSB – September 2018

UCI, UCD, UCB, ANR – March 2019

UCSC, UCSF, UCSD, Hastings, LBNL – September 2019

Local Technical News

  • The project team has completed a survey of campus business offices to identify unanticipated impacts that the change from PPS to UCPath may have on operations.  Potential items have been captured and the project team will follow up with business offices as the local and systemwide work progresses. Business offices are requested to contact the project team if any new requirements involving PPS data arise.

Work Packages

Learn more about the UCPath Work Packages.  

Functional work packages:

  • Local Project Management
  • Data Conversion & Validation
  • UCPath (PSFT) System Design
  • Campus Alignment/ Business Process Design
  • Change Management / Training/ Communications

Technical work packages:

  • Technical Infrastructure, Support and Data Management
  • Integrations and Development 
  • General Ledger / Financial Systems
  • Testing
  • Time & Attendance

Useful UCPath Links

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Project Team Site Logins

Project Team Site Logins:

For questions about the project, please contact the Local Project Management Office at ucpath.ucscpmo-group@ucsc.edu