Receiving Your Pay

At the bottom of the earnings statement, there is a section titled Net Pay Distribution. This will indicate how your pay will be received.

Direct Deposit

    • If a net pay line begins with “Advice” followed by bank account type, account number, and a “deposit amount”, this indicates you have been set up to receive your pay via direct deposit.

    Advice on earnings statement.jpg

  • Benefits of using direct deposit to receive your pay

    • Pay is automatically deposited into the designated bank account(s) and is available immediately
    • No need to visit a bank or ATM to deposit paper paychecks
    • No paper paychecks to misplace
    • Helping the environment by reducing paper waste
    • No extra fees to receive your money via direct deposit
    • Direct deposit is protected by federal consumer protections and banking regulations
    • All known banks are available for UCPath direct deposit
  • Activation of new direct deposit accounts, changes or deletions of existing accounts takes up to two pay periods to be completed

Paper Paycheck

  • If a net pay line begins with “Check”, a check number, and the account type is “Issue Chk”, this indicates your net pay will be on a paper paycheck and mailed to the home address that is listed in UCPath.
    • The home address is used to determine in which medical plan employees can enroll and is where paychecks and/or paycheck statements are mailed if applicable. The mailing address is where W-2s are mailed.

check on earnings statement.jpg

  • Employees who do not currently receive their pay via direct deposit will receive pay as a paper check mailed via U.S. Postal Service

  • Employees who receive paper paychecks will receive the paychecks in the mail at their home address on file. 

    • Paper paychecks will be issued and sent on payday to an employee's home address.

    • Delivery will be handled by the United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.).

  • Paper paychecks may take 2-4 days to arrive.

  • UC is not responsible for delays caused by the U.S. Postal Services

  • Employees who do not want to receive paychecks by U.S. Postal Service are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit on UCPath Portal