Establishing UCPath Accounts for Former Employees

September 28, 2021

When an employee’s status changes from Active to Inactive, UCPath triggers a welcome and an invitation to the separating employee to create an account in the Former Employee Portal, where they will have access to:

  1. Personal Information Summary
  2. History of earnings statements and;
  3. W-2 history

Former employees have access to this information for three years following separation. Separating employees must provide a valid email address in UCPath prior to separation via one of the following email selections in Personal Information Summary:

  1. Home
  2. Other
  3. Campus
  4. Dormitory

If the employee designates one of these as “preferred,” UCPath will send the welcome email to this address. If the employee does not mark one as “preferred,” the system will use the first populated email address in the order above. Please note: if separated employees have access to their business email address after separation, they must enter it into one of the email selections above and designate it as preferred.

If no email address is provided, the former employee must contact UCPath and provide an email address to create a former employee account. 

For more information on former employee access, you can refer to UCNet