Training for Transactional Users

The UCPath Training team is committed to providing UC Santa Cruz employees with the resources they need to successfully interact with the UCPath system (including the UCPath Portal) and the UCPath Center.

UCPath Training is delivered by the respective functional areas based on subject matter (i.e. Financial Affairs, Staff HR, Academic Personnell Office/Academic HR)

A role-based curriculum has been designed and encompasses both web based and instructor led training. Designated roles in UCPath are based on central office and divisional business operation needs. UCPath training is ongoing and the schedule is determined by each functional office. You will receive an email the type of training that will be required and how to schedule it once your UCPath Access Form has been completed. Please click here to learn more about completing that form.

  • Inquiry-only users are required to attend web-based training.
    • You will receive an email from the UC Learning Center inviting you to the required and recommended web-based training.
    • You must complete the required web-based courses to gain inquiry access for business and operational needs (this is not necessary for manager or employee self service access)
  • Transactional users (those enter and/or approve data within UCPath) are required to attend both web-based and in-person instructor-led training
    • You will receive an email for instructions on how to enroll in the necessary instructor-led training based on subject area once your UCPath Access Form has been completed.
    • The instructor-led sessions, which are scheduled by each functional office based on need and availability, supplement the web-based curriculum. It is recommend that you complete the web-based prerequistes prior to attending instructor led training.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or call 831-502-7057.